Monday, 2 March 2015



Nicky and Jess are con artists. He is an experienced veteran, while she is a novice. As Jess joins Nicky's team it is only a matter of time until professional becomes personal. And in the world of con artists true love is a weakness. Or is it?

FOCUS is a beautifully shot dark romantic comedy with many twists and turns. While none of the surprises are mind blowing the film avoids the trap of many cliches. The charismatic duet of Will Smith and Margot Robbie is full of chemistry and while it's not always clear who is conning who, the love affair is the most believable twist in the film.

FOCUS has a snappy dialogue and cleverly written "edge of the seat" scenes. On the downside the movie is rather long, with a few slow moments and some additional editing would be a bliss.    

The gem of the movie is Margot Robbie. Camera loves her and while the script does not demand much from her, she is "a natural" and genuine in every scene.
The soundtrack is a beautiful mixture of soft jazz and is an elegant frame for already handsome film.
While FOCUS lacks the originality (the films like TOURIST and THE ORIGINAL SIN successfully covered the same ground) there's always a place under the sun for another romantic comedy involving two beautiful con artists. With many surprises, glamorous settings and believable love story FOCUS is a guilty pleasure, but also a quality entertainment that is worth checking out.

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