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Two men in the desert, in a country torn by war. One - is an ex solder, now a teacher, entrusted to take a prisoner to the court to a little town - the nearest point of civilisation.  The other had killed his cousin and is due to be executed. Their trip through the desert is a choice, but whose choice? Two men are going to experience a few adventures and brushes with death, before they can really decide where their destination lies.

FAR FROM MEN is based on the short story by ALBERT CAMUS called THE GUEST. The original story is all about the illusory value of a choice. The movie is a longer version as it examines what would have happened if the characters had made a different decision from the story. It takes them on a journey, but ends up exactly like the short story does. This way the movie and the literature compliment each other.

AWAY FROM MAN is a slow burning thriller. When we are introduced to Daru he is a teacher in a small Algerian village and tries to keep himself neutral to the horrors of raving war. Virgo Mortensen's performance is all about what we don't know about his character and this is enough to hook you in, even though the beginning is pretty slow. When Daru is entrusted with a prisoner he refuses to take him at first. Then he gives the prisoner a choice. This choice will shape everything that is to come.

AWAY FROM MEN is a sort of a road movie with deadly adventures and even deadlier consequences. With its slow pace it has a lot visually to offer. The country on screen is beautiful indeed. Accompanied by soundtrack composed by Nick Cave it has mesmerising visuals to match. This is a film that requires attention, focus and thought process, but is very rewarding at every turn.

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