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20 year old Amelie arrives to Tokyo full of enthusiasm. Being born in Tokyo and then raised in Belgium, her only dream is to become a true Japanese and a writer. Very quickly she meets Rinri - a student she would teach french. Time flows and before she knows it the relationship with the Japanese boy from a good family becomes very serious. When torn between the prospect of a serious relationship and freedom, what would Amelie choose?

TOKYO FIANCÉE is an autobiographical account (and a bestselling novel) from Amelie Nothomb, who had written numerous novels about her Japanese experience. At the core of the film, just like in the famous LOST IN TRANSLATION, is a collision of two cultures, this time it's Belgic and Japanese.  

Amelie on the surface is an optimistic and easy person, but deep inside she is independent, responsible and tough. She makes mistakes of course, like any young woman of her age, but she has very serious attitude to decision making and maybe overthinking everything a little bit.

Amelie's adventures in Japan are simple and life-like. It's best described as "slice of life" story. Her relationship with Rinri is a very even one, and all the dramas are created by Amelie herself, constantly making fuss over the culture differences she is only learning to understand. 

This movie is a calm and enjoyable experience with a great soundtrack and some nice acting. If like Amelie you are interested in all things Japanese, or in watching an endearing love story, you will enjoy TOKYO FIANCÉE.

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