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Antonine is almost fifty, but he is in great shape. He jogs, he eats well. He has a beautiful wife, wonderful friends and fantastic job. So it comes as a surprise when he suddenly has a heart attack. The near death experience triggers a change in him that is not to everyone's liking. On a trip to a countryside with his best friends Antoine will do everything he missed out on. He will eat, drink, relax, tell the truth and rediscover himself and those around him as if for the first time.

BARBECUE is a dramatic comedy about relationships, their fragility but also their ability to survive. As Antoine turns into a judgemental unforgiving bastard we wonder if it is his trying to break out of life routine is to blame. Most of the movie takes place in the picturesque holiday home where friends drink, eat, talk and fight. The dynamic between the team of actors is fabulous and they are all believable as a long lasting company of friends - people with many shortcomings who are not quite aware that their imperfections make them complete.

BACBECUE is full of humour, it's hit and miss, but when a joke works it really does. The plot itself is full of anecdotes, giving any of them away will be a spoiler, but just to mention that one involves preparing sangria out of a very fancy ingredient. 

The film runs a little longer than an hour and a half and it is just enough time to feel comfortable among these people, and as credits will roll you will feel that you are saying goodbye to your new best friends.  

This is a feel good uplifting film, but without sugary aftertaste and its life-like characters are fun to watch. Smart, funny and never boring BARBECUE has a great review value and is better watched in the company of your best friends.

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