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Claire and Laura had been best friends all their lives. With Laura now gone Claire promises to look after her husband David. Little does she know when one day she walked into Laura's house she finds David in drag, wearing Laura's clothes. Thus begin an unlikely friendship between Claire and Virginia - David's feminine self. As new friends spend more and more time together it is becoming a problem for Claire to hide David's transformation from her husband Gille. But is the friendship between Clair and Virginia are as platonic as they seem?

Francois Ozon creates yet another curious film about many sides of sexuality, relationship and love. Based on a short story by Ruth Rendell this movie is full of tension, of both sexual and dangerous kind. The beginning may take too long to introduce the characters, but as the main plot point is revealed you don't quite know what to expect.

With light doses of humour, mixed with a sadness and loss, Ozon tells us a story about a birth, rebirth, and strong ties of friendship.

Romain Duris (DAVID/VIRGINIA) was nominated for Cezar - a French Oscar, for his portrait of a man who lets his feminine side to take over. The other members of the cast are revolving around his raw and believable performance like satellites around the planet.

A full orchestral soundtrack composed by Philippe Rombi adds drama to an already edgy film. The plot is playing with sexuality of the characters just like it is playing with our expectations. A NEW GIRLFRIEND will be written and talked about a lot, but it had to be seen to be believed.

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