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Max and Leon are two orphans who have been best friends since early childhood and both are nothing but trouble. When the Second World War kicks in they are both summoned to serve. Their little town gives a sigh of relief as the two troublemakers are about to be dispatched, hopefully for good. Thus begin the adventures of Max and Leon as they go to war with Hitler, the French, the English, the Arabs and themselves. Here comes trouble!

MAX & LEON is a fine example of what French comedy is about. Echoing the classical film with Louis De Funes "La Grande Vadrouille" (The Grand Promenade), MAX & LEON is a combination of famous French farce, over the top satire and even a musical (a three minute song of dancing German prisoners who tell you why the French people are the worst nation on earth). The jokes come fast and sharp, but some of them do not translate well into the English speaking world. 

The duo of MAX & LEON (French comedians Gregoir Ludig and David Marsais) lacks charisma but the guys have good timing (this is not the first film where they are together). The rest of the cast all seem to be having fun, and this is more important for comedy than polished performances. The film is quick, loud and silly, which makes it an easy watch. For every joke you might have missed two new ones are on the way. Many scenes are borderline embarrassing, but it is still better than the average American sitcom. 

With all its silliness and madness MAX & LEON has a good soul at its core. The film may be less funny for a non French speaking viewer, but if you love a good laugh and are ready for something different, MAX & LEON may just hit the right spot.

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