Tuesday, 13 June 2017



Treasure hunter, Nick Morton, stumbles on a secret tomb that was supposed to imprison an evil princess Ahmanet. When he accidentally releases the monster he unleashes an evil that can take over the world. Nick, who is used to thinking only of himself, has to put his own interests aside and fight for his life and the lives of those around him. Will he be able to make the ultimate sacrifice to save the world?

THE MUMMY is an unapologetic summer blockbuster fairy tale that tries to borrow more from Indiana Jones movies than from Universal Studios classic monster tales. Unfortunately none of the set pieces, including the anti-gravity stunt, in a real plane nicknamed "vomit comet”, is a standout.

The movie has good pacing with a fine dosage of humour. Tom Cruise plays the comic version of his "action hero" type but comes up short on charisma at the times of need. Unfortunately, the chemistry between him and his leading lady Annabelle Wallis is non existent, but as protagonists they work well together.

Sofia Boutella as The Mummy is the real stand out here. She manages to inspire enough creepiness and tragedy to make this monster a well fleshed out character, but her motives are not always clear, and the final goal lacks logic. Would she really fight so hard to give the real power to someone else, in particular "a male"? That does not make a first ever female mummy a feminist, which is a real shame!

All in all THE MUMMY is breezy fun that does not shy away from horror when the script requires it. It's a horror film you can take your kids to and have a great time - This is the real value of the new MUMMY.

Monday, 12 June 2017



The young criminal Hyun-Soo is a youthful and ambitious prisoner who does not seem to think too much of the consequences of his actions. Jae-Ho is a career criminal and a mobster. He rules the prison with an iron hand.  An unlikely empathy between the two men grows and they decide to take on the world when leaving the prison. But both of them are  hiding dangerous secrets. When all is unveiled the truth is doomed to destroy them both...

THE MERCILESS is a gangster action drama film, a genre South Korea excels in. It is miraculous that after so many movies the gangster theme feels so fresh, and the reason for this is the carefully executed script and characters one can't help, but care for deeply. The strangely meaningful friendship, a borderline love affair between the older gangster and the young rookie has genuine chemistry. The sexual tension is only implied, but the bond the two strike is comparable to the one between lovers.

The movie is carefully structured, with short informative flashbacks, that allows one to look with new eyes at how the story has progressed, each time revealing new information and new accents that change perspective. 

THE MERCILESS is a violent film, but perhaps is less so than many other of the same genre. The best thing about it is how the script avoids cliches, constantly giving some fresh twist, until the rather familiar finale - a traditional Korean climax of heartbreak and devastation.

Boasting fantastic cinematography, likeable performances and an extremely well written script, THE MERCILESS may be the best alternative to the American blockbuster, if you want some soul and thought in your action.