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Lambert is a sex addict. Trying to overcome his addiction he decides to be abstinent for twelve months. But here comes Judith, a sex addict just like him. She makes it her goal to have sex with Lambert. Will he succumb to her charm or will the therapy win? And in the world gone crazy on accessible sex, is there still place for love?

This romantic comedy about battle of sexes is solely lies on the shoulders of the leads Sophie Marceau and Patrick Bruel. Their dynamic is fun to watch and they both seem to be enjoying being in a film about the excess of sex in the age where romantic attraction is always on the back foot. The movie is light and bubbly like a glass of good champagne - it will not give you head ache the next morning, but is also not designed to have a lasting impression.

The correct translation of the movie title is "Do you want me... Or not?" and says everything about the premise of the plot. The characters constantly trying to work out if they deserve to be happy and at times the never-ending conflict within them defies credibility.

The movie is populated by quirky characters, the most memorable are Laurent's mother and Judith's uncle - both of them harbouring a secret that is the key to why Laurent and Judith turned out this way. These secrets, although revealed, do not play larger part in the story. The filmmakers probably were afraid to ruin the light-hearted tone by darker themes.  

It is unfortunate, but in my opinion SEX, LOVE AND THERAPY lacks any depth, which may not be a necessary part of the genre, but is a welcome feature for those who always wants more than just a guilty pleasure. But while SEX, LOVE AND THERAPY may be too simple in its plot and execution, it is also a lot of fun.

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