Sunday, 3 August 2014


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Five unlikely heroes - a loser, a killer, a talking raccoon, a walking tree and a green woman unite to save a peaceful planet from a terrorist's plan. Sounds crazy? It is. And it is also crazily entertaining.

Guardians of the galaxy tests out taste buds. What do we really want from a perfect film? The originality, the laughter, the tenderness, plus the thrills. Against all odds Guardians  manage to deliver all of the above and even more. 

It is a hallmark of what we really should be asking of modern blockbusters. And Hollywood studious, no matter how corrupt and cash oriented, can still deliver. I was cautious approaching this little tacky, mostly comical space opera, until I was totally hooked after the first five minutes. The Guardians is here to stay. It's an instant classic to be  reviewed and rediscovered. Here is why:

Say whatever you will about comic book heroes. They are cliche. They all have super powers, they are predominantly good and they are trying to save the world. the Guardians of the galaxy introduces you to the band of misfits. At first it seems that they do not have a single good bone in their body. But little by little something special is going to surface. And their coming together will make a perfect sense.

Guardians strongest points is a script: the dialogue and the character development. Forget the plot - the search for magical orb, or whatever, it was done to bits, and a dark hooded villain is scarcely terrifying. What terrifying is the peaceful world on the verge of war, and we all know too well how easily it can break out without warning. So the characters is why we care, and the eye candy worlds they visit is what makes it spectacular.  For a film where you can be certain that nothing bad can happen with the main characters The Guardians is surprisingly thrilling. Balancing comedy and sentimental, it manages to produce something unique for a summer blockbuster - an almost art house quality to multi million budget production.

The use of modern pop culture, songs and dance of the seventies, works to the films advantage where it is least expected and is responsible for the coolest opening to a sci fi blockbuster in years. The Guardians of the galaxy will convert any non believer and is highly recommended. If you are going to see one 3D action film this summer let it be The Guardians. Just like this movie you'll make history.

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