Wednesday, 20 August 2014


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Ben and George had been together for 39 years before they decided to get married. Their marriage has unexpected consequences. When George loses his job the couple decides to rely on friends before they find a new more affordable home. What happens next is a separation that takes a hard toll on both men and an uncertain future which lies ahead. Life is unpredictable and strange, just like love.

LOVE IS STRANGE received a universal acclaim. This little movie had not had a bad review. It is simple, but elegant, a love story that addresses social issues without preaching and above all praises life and love. The plot introduces a handful of characters, mainly focusing on the family of Ben's nephew who took him temporarily under his wing. Ben's life in their household can be summed up with one phrase he shared with his partner: "Sometimes you learn about people you live with more than you care to."

Growing old and becoming a burden is a hard issue for anyone, but being a sexual minority makes things even more awkward.  Growing up is hard either. The conflict of generations is reflected in an unlikely friendship between Ben and his teenage great nephew, which towards conclusion of the film becomes its focus.

In many ways LOVE IS STRANGE is about New York and it's people, it's special life and it's imperfect society that is hard to be a part of and even harder to let go. There's nothing not to like about LOVE IS STRANGE. This film is for everyone who had ever been in love and learnt that it may be all that you need. But can you survive on love alone? Who knows. Stranger things happened!

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