Thursday, 28 August 2014



A young student Justine is left alone on campus during the thanksgiving holiday. She spends her days enjoying the solitude and sharing jokes with two security guards. But one night, when she was out buying snacks at the petrol station, something had followed her back to the empty campus. Then Justine is being stalked by a group of masked killers who are calling her Kristy. Now our victim to be will have to figure out the way to survive. And the only thing that is left for her is to fight back.

One does not need much to satisfy a horror fan and Kristy is exactly that - it is not much. It has a cliche premise and typical villains, but who can stay away from a film about a fragile heroine fighting back some masked psychopaths? I guess it also helps that the director Oliver Blackburn takes time to introduce us to Justine (Haley Bennett) and spend with her some suspenseful moments at the empty campus grounds, moments that have no action, but are incredibly atmospheric and prepare us for what comes next.

The film cannot be called a gore feast, there are a few kills, but none of them are particularly gruesome. Surprisingly KRISTY is all about suspense. It is cleverly shot and put together. The script is not perfect, but avoids any major flaws, broken logic and does not have continuity problems. Every segment of the campus (AKA swimming pool, library, kitchen) that we were introduced in the prelude will eventually play it's role when shit hits the fan.  Justine does not make stupid mistakes, runs the right way to escape the killers and acts believably under the circumstances.

For such a small and simple film, in my opinion, KRISTY achieved a lot. It will definitely not let down a veteran horror fan but also has enough drive for a potential sequel.

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