Saturday, 30 August 2014



A young girl agrees to play a strange game for 500 dollars.

An ambitious realty agent discovers an evil presence in the house she is ready to sell.
A young artist is chasing after her sister's killer.

The destinies of the three women connect  through time and though a curse -  a demon in search for a new home.

The original name for AT THE DEVIL'S DOOR was HOME, and although it is less pretentious it is better suited for this creepy chiller that defies expectations. The only problem with the film is that it cannot decide between non linear narrative and a simple one. It is a bit confusing to make sense out of all the happening, especially considering that the story itself is extremely simple.

The movie has some genuinely creepy moments and the acting of all three heroines is top notch, but there's a feeling that the film only pretends to have fresh ideas, instead it serves a familiar dish under different, but less glamorous sauce than it deserves.

AT THE DEVIL'S DOOR is a decent horror movie, but it's unpredictability is not designed by the plot, but by the montage of the scenes. It may be fun to watch, but a bad aftertaste afterwards may just stop you from saying that you've liked it.

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