Sunday, 17 August 2014


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A wealthy woman in search for fulfilment.
A greedy man in search for easy profit.
A young girl who had fallen in love for the first time.
And a lone bicyclist is pushed off the road and left for dead.

The story features three chapters, each retelling the same events from the point of view of one character. A clever reflection on Italian society, with its top notch performances, HUMAN CAPITAL never falters. It's is both story and character driven and is full of details that keep the key to the ending.

The revelations are never over the top, unlike many films of thriller genre these days everything is kept real. We get a glimpse of different worlds of modern Italy: a Middle class, an art community, those who are at the bottom and at the very top, but keeping the balance all the way. HUMAN CAPITAL is thought provoking, dramatic and unpredictable. A near perfect movie experience.  

In the society where a kiss, a lie and an expression of love can mean directly opposite to what they are perceived to be, which price is greater: the one of human life or a human soul?

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