Sunday, 10 August 2014


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Young cop Redji never though he was particularly good at his job, so it doesn't come as a surprise when he is fired from police force. What comes as a surprise is an offer to become a police informant - to infiltrate yakuza and stop the trafficking of a deadly drug. On his way up in Japanese mafia hierarchy Reidji meets weird friends, acquires deadly enemies, looses virginity to the girl he loves and never forgets to wear his leopard coat. Here comes one of the most bizarre movies about yakuza you would ever see on a big screen!

Based on a popular manga, which spans more than 40 volumes, MOLE SONG is an acquired taste. Takashi Miike is one of the few directors who still manages to truly surprise and manipulate - the comedy is never too far away from tragedy in his films. Not trying to smooth the sharp angles, his film is a raw sketch - partly modern trash, partly stand up comedy. With his boasting colours and ridiculous dialogue THE MOLE is the one for the fans.

The biggest let down, however, is the films pacing. THE MOLE is overloaded with senseless chatting and the drive to move the story forward is none existent. Protagonist Reidji lacks motivation and it is hard to understand why would he be so committed to the cause in the first place. Many gags are too loud and avalanche of unfunny jokes is too hard to understand for a non Japanese fewer. THE MOLE is not the best for Miike, but he stands true to his grotesque, signature style and bombards us with all he's got. This is the sort of a movie Quentin Tarantino would call an instant cult classic. And the true fans of Miike, who are many, would agree. I'm not one of them.

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