Thursday, 17 April 2014


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Peter Parker has sort of pulled his life together, but his on-off relationship with Gwen Stacey are still complicated. As Peter still struggles with many mysteries of his past life the arrival of an old fried can make all the difference. And when Oscorp tries to cover up an accident it gives birth to something more sinister than anyone could imagine - the rise of Electro.

THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 has a complicated plot, but if you reflect on the previous instalments with Sam Raimi in director’s chair I am surprised how much sense the new story makes. I had always had a problem with the Spider-man universe because too many things were left to chance. At least THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN gives justice to logic.

THE RISE OF ELECTRO provides some interesting answers: how did Peter Parker become spider man in the first place and what really happened to his parents?

The plane crash opening scene echoes the beginning of The Dark Knight Rises preparing us for some serious dark take on the Spider-Man universe. Although THE RISE OF THE ELECTRO managed to be as dark as it possibly could to keep its family rating, it still has an almost animation quality to it. The saving grace of the story is Peter-Gwen dynamic - the real chemistry between the leads can pull any movie off. But the true show stealer is Dane William Dehaan. His portrayal Harry Osborn - a dark reflection of Peter Parker, an abandoned child himself who inherited a family curse - is charismatic and heart breaking.

Jamie Foxx easily pulls off a geeky Max, a fan of Spider Man, until the moment comes to turn him into a villain. As soon as Electro emerges, an opportunity for acting is ceased and even terrifying looking, Spider-man’s greatest foe does not appear infernal enough.

Sally Field as Aunt May deserves an honourable mention. He scenes with Andrew Garfield (Peter Parker) are genuinely touching and true to the point that anyone who has a family can identify with them.

The overall quality of the action is superb.  THE RISE OF ELECTRO is a great adventure film. It is also a hallmark of what a 3D cinema can achieve those days. As for a drama - it is probably the best that Marvel universe can provide.

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