Sunday, 20 April 2014


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Elliot is jobless and a little bit desperate when he receives a mysterious call proposing him a simple challenge - to kill a fly. Immediately a thousand dollars is transferred to his account. Then a next challenge comes. Elliot needs to complete 13 challenges in total, if he wants to become a millionaire. But as challenges grow darker, how far Elliot will have to go to win the game?

There’s one thing going for this little thriller - it’s the story that will not disappoint. There’s plenty of gore and twists on the way.

Elliot is an interesting character, and presented to us as a loving son and a father to be. All he seems to care about is his family. All he does is for their sake. There are certain aspects of challenges are even enjoyable for him. He finds a deeper source of strength inside him going through challenges and this same strength helps him to fight back when things get twisted.

Director Daniel Stamm, whose previous film THE LAST EXORSISM is a found footage movie, does not seem to feel comfortable making a conventional film. Somehow it has a feel of a debut feature and a very grounded one (you will not see big aerial shots, extensive car chases or cat and mouse game with a killer).

Mark Webber is an inspired choice as Elliot. He walks with ease this thin edge between nice and uneasy. 

Ron Perlman is just being Ron Perlman and fills the gap of the detective in pursuit well - his presence is enough to spice up any film.

Unfortunately the rest of the cast, including Elliot’s girlfriend and autistic brother, struggle to manage with what little the script had given them.

Although 13 SINS could have been much tighter and tense, the ending is enjoyable and satisfying. Let’s face it, there are much worse horror flicks out there.

With it’s simple message the no money can buy your soul back, it throws enough horror into the mix to make it sink in. You may not like 13 SINS, but you will find it hard to forget.

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