Sunday, 6 April 2014


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Alice (Cecille France), a financial trader working in Monaco, is approached by Russian spy agency in order to catch a rogue criminal Ivan Rostovsky (Tim Roth). But Alice is already working for the American CIA with a little different task at hand. Things get even more complicated when she falls in love with Gregory (Jean Dujardin), not knowing that he is a Russian agent.

MOBIUS is a spy thriller European style, focused on love story instead of action. Unfortunately the doomed love affair between the leads lacks credibility and the chemistry between Alice and Gregory is non existent. It does not help, unfortunately, that Dujardin, is the worst non Russian playing Russian I have seen on screen.

The cinematography is decent, but does not take the most of the fantastic Monaco settings and Moscow, later in the movie, looks dull and uninteresting with mostly interior shots.

It’s a shame, but the premise of MOBIUS does not deliver the goods. The story takes too long to find its legs, and when it does its sort of all over. Anti climax in the end is disappointing, leaving the film’s many potentially interesting storylines unexplored.

There’s hardy anything good to say about MOBIUS. Although I can see how the production could find the money with an original pitch, but in our day and age a single idea cannot pull out a multi million budget movie.

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