Tuesday, 1 April 2014


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A father from a little town outside Berlin comes to the city to visit his three children. There is news to deliver and it is not pleasant. When the family sits down for dinner the old wounds are opened and bitter truths are revealed. Will the conflict reunite the people who had been growing apart for years, or finish their relationship once and for all?

VISITORS is an independent film shot with one digital camera on minimum budget, but has the quality of blockbuster drama. The key to success is the script, with its dialogues, although written with obvious pathos in some parts, delivered in a believable manner that will make you shiver in your seat if you ever had a fear of your old folks crashing your party.

With the movie ticking off just under 90 minutes there's no place for boredom. Like many other family dramas VISITORS does not confine the conflict within four walls. The characters go through a series of misadventures and eventually figure out were in the world they may stand. The fantastic performance of Uwe Kockisch as Jacob, a silent father who prefers to look the other way, is measurably delivered and is the main reason to see this little family drama.

The strength of any good film is the ability to overcome shortcomings. VISITORS have a small budget, but fantastic performances lift it up to the quality cinema level where it belongs.

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