Thursday, 17 April 2014


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Camilla was a little girl when her mother was brutally murdered on the opening night of THE HAUNTING OF THE OPERA musical where she played the lead. Now, ten years later, Camilla herself auditions for the role in the student summer camp production. But a killer in Kabuki mask does not want this to happen. Lots of blood, screaming and bad singing insure.

FREIGHT NIGHT is not a unique pursuing the idea of a horror musical, but a slasher one is something new. The opening scene will get an immediate attention of any genre aficionado, but it will be another thirty minutes or so before the next bloody moment. Is it worth the wait? Hell yeah. There are only a few murders, but they are extremely well shot, inventive and very gory.

If musicals horrify you it will add to suspense. If you love them, you will be treated by such songs as 'I am gay, but not that way'. The children in the camp are stupid and annoying. You will want them to die. The Kabuki mask slasher has a presence and personality. He is playing rock on electric guitar and his cruel comments, based on theatrical slang, will put a smile on your face. This killer is quite a comedian.

The weakest part of the film is the acting. The final girl is too wooden for an aspiring singer and when time comes to run and scream she does not deliver either. Jamie Lee Curtis she is not.

Slasher films always struggle with the surprising ending concept, but the writers of STAGE FRIGHT did their best to make it interesting. As for the final showdown it lacks tension and could have been much more “edge of the seat” kind.

STAGE FRIGHT is a weird baby that struggles with its identity. It is not scary - cruel and unusual is what comes to mind. If you decide to check it out I would advice not to judge it too harshly, for in the world overloaded with horror remakes every original idea is good as gold.

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