Thursday, 23 April 2015



Avengers, the worlds mightiest superheroes, have totally stuffed up the world. Iron Man had created an artificial intelligence called Ultron. Ultron was supposed to become the earth protector. Instead it turns into an abomination. Now The Avengers face a stronger enemy than they had ever imagined, the evil completely of their own making. Will they be able to defeat it? And more importantly, are they the heroes the world needs or are they just different kind of monsters?

Complaining about the luck of depth in the new instalment of Avengers, the third grossing film of all times, will do you no good - a movie that has 10 main characters is doomed to scratch only a surface . But Joss Whedon gives each of them a story arc, a mission to fulfil and a reason to exist. He also does produce a snappy, dry humour dialogue that works well in every scene, also Iron Man, for some reason, has the best lines.

It may be unfortunate, but some jokes are easy to miss because of the eye popping spectacle at hand. While in super hero movie the lives of the characters are never at stake, the balance has shifted with the arrival of super powerful twins Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver.  

Elizabeth Olsen, as Scarlet Witch, is the gem of the movie. Tragically beautiful, always torn between her darker and human self, she is a quirky, interesting character to watch. I had been following Elisabeth Olsen for a while and I do hope she will eventually get a movie where her acting ability will truly shine. As for now, she just may be the best thing about the new AVENGERS.

Malvel movies are all about action, and AGE OF ULTRON has a few spectacular pieces, the best puts Iton Man agains Hulk. This is an epic battle (part of it is revealed in a trailer) that cannot compete with any other action scene in the film.

AGE OF ULTRON was advertised as a personal film for all the avengers, and they do have to face their private demons and fears. The darkest  episode concerns BLACK WIDOW, and this may be a glimpse into what the series may eventually become - a more serious and believable film.

HAWKS-EYE is also getting personal treatment. His secret is revealed - a clever twist that made him three dimensional. It would be interesting to see if he would ever get his own movie.

Any negatives? Probably the villain himself. Ultron is not terrifying enough, he does not have the aura of dread I would expect from such a villain. Just like Lockie in the first movie, he does not seem to be the big bad monster that requires the avengers to assemble.

THE AVENGERS, once again, played too safe for their own good. Spectacular - yes. Believable - not. The new AVENGERS still remains a Saturday cartoon with a mega million budget. But, maybe, it is not such a bad thing.

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