Sunday, 5 April 2015



Julian and Esther had been in love when in high school, but the difference in social status was in their way. Now, many years later, reunited by chance, they let their passion take over. But what is the price to pay when they are both married? The movie flashes back and forwards, while Julien is being investigated for an unknown crime, little by little revealing the details of what had happened.

Mathieu Amalric has created a sexy, dark tale of suburban romance, borderline with obsession. It requires a careful viewing, just like the judge in the film we are to collect the evidence and decide for ourselves what is the verdict.

The movie is beautifully shot, every details, every angle is carefully chosen and is part of a mystery that is easy to solve at a glance, but then again not everything as it seems. The room where lovers meet is the same colour as the room in the court, the two echoing each other, hinting on the inevitability of the price to pay for the moment of happiness.

BLUE ROOM does not give all the answers, and even by the end you will not have the satisfaction to know what exactly had happened between the characters and what they had done.   This is a thinking person mystery and may seem too pretentious, but under this facade is hiding an original and very personal film that is worth seeing.

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