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Romain is a hypochondriac with a twist… he is a super hypochondriac. He is afraid of touches, kisses, dogs, outsides, because all of this can bring germs and kill him. He is a difficult person to know, it is harder to be his friend. Dimitri Zcenka, Rmain’s doctor and the closest thing to a friend Romain has ever got, is ready to give up on him, but Romain begs Dimitri for a second chance. In order to prove that he can deal with his obsessions Romain agrees helping Dimitri with the new arrivals of refugees. There he meets the woman of his dreams, who is also Dimitri’s sister. The problem is, that she believes him to be a famous revolutionary dissident - Anton Miroslav. If Romain is to win the heart of the girl he loves he has to abandon his phobias once and for all. But is he capable of doing this?

From the inventive and hilarious opening titles until the final credits SUPERCHONDRIAC is a wild ride that once picks up its speed never runs out of steam. Created by the most original and genuine comedians of our time Dani Boon, the script avoids racist, fat and many other variations of the toilet humour that most of the Hollywood comedies a famous for. It focuses on creative dialogue and mise-en-scenes instead.  

Half way through the film the script enters the territory of a romantic comedy, but with confidence and charm, that feels more appropriate than redundant. Many scenes that involve Romain’s trying to fill in the shoes of tough revolutionary are endearing, and also as a character he is grotesque, it is impossible to be really angry with him.

SUPERCHONDRIAC will be more interesting to watch if you understand French, because many jokes are hard to translate. This is an eccentrically wonderful film and a French comedy farce at its best.

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