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Simon is a low rank con artist who gets a big gig - to steal the 137 carat diamond just under the noses of high security guards. And the best way to do it is to pretend a security specialist himself, get undeniably great references and get access to the inside information. But there’s one complication - a beautiful Julia, a diamond expert. For her the sell of the diamond is a dedication to her recently deceased mother. As the heist takes shape, so are the reasons for the whole affair. Who are the real people behind it and what are the real villains of the play?

When you finish THE LAST DIAMAND it leaves an impression of having read a good book. It is probably because not a second is wasted in this less than two hour run of a film, the characters are well developed, the action is nicely played, and surprises are timely revealed.

Simon and Julia (Berenice Bejo from famous Oscar winning THE ARTIST) are perfect duo with some great chemistry between them. Surprisingly it is their relationship, that hold this movie together, and even overcomplicated heist does not seem so unbelievable thanks to their performances.

The main event - the heist, takes place somewhere in the middle of the film, leaving the third act to wrap up the loose ends and  to reveal a few satisfying twists that put THE  LAST DIAMOND above the many robbery flicks you might have already seen.

It is a solidly written, acted and directed thriller that will let you get immersed in the story and the atmosphere. Without trying to achieve a highly original concept, THE LAST DIAMOND does a great job as a piece of genuinely engaging entertainment.

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