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Jean-Pierre is a country doctor, which includes much more than being a good physician - dealing with people in the provinces requires different kinds of skills. But when Jean-Pierre himself is stricken by a serious illness he cannot do it alone. The help comes by the way of the beautiful Natalie. She has a lot to learn, but is tough enough to take on the job. She also has to deal with Jean-Pierre's insecurities. He thinks he is is still very capable and can do it all by himself. How will their relationship work out?

Francois Cluzet is an actor in a league of his own and his involvement in the project is all that it needs to be successful. COUNTRY DOCTOR is a low key drama with comedic elements that don't break any new ground, but delivers what it’s supposed to -  lighthearted entertainment and a heartwarming story with the flavour of the French countryside.

One of the patrons, a lady in her sixties, summed it all up for me as the credits rolled by, saying,
"I did not want it to end!"

COUNTRY DOCTOR is unapologetic in appealing to its target audience, but it delivers the goods in spades. We are introduced to a handful of quirky characters, a few uncomplicated subplots and a lot of cosy French countryside delights  - enough to seduce a movie goer of any age.

Cluzet, as he often does, creates a reserved, brooding character, but somehow this one is  irresistible to the ladies. His co-star Marianna Denicourt feels natural in the role of the strong willed, but big hearted Dr Nathalie Delezia. The chemistry between the two of them works perfectly and carries forward this simple feel good movie.

COUNTRY DOCTOR is "what you see is what you get" sentimental drama at its best. Nora Efron used to do it in Hollywood. Nowadays the French do it better.

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