Wednesday, 22 March 2017


Mathilde is working for the Red Cross in post war Poland. One day a nun knocks at her door, begging for help. Mathilde reluctantly agrees. In the reclusive convent she stumbles on a terrible secret the nuns are hiding - as a result of the brutality of war many of them are pregnant. Putting her life on the line Mathilde becomes their saviour and protector. But she is not yet aware that the true evil lives at the core of the convent she has vowed to protect.

Lou De Laage, the rising French star, may be too young to play the experienced war scared veteran nurse. While keeping the innocence of her character, she manages to add intensity and depth and is believable as the determined young woman who doesn't see any other way but to save lives if they need saving.

The script is intense, with danger lurking around every corner. The tension builds even during the tranquil convent scenes when the nuns are resting, singing and playing cards. The movie is not fast paced but there are questions that need answering and curiosity will keep you interested. The cinematography is beautiful but bleak, winter forests and snowed under city streets don't hold the promise of a better future, so the brighter colours are welcome when they finally light up the screen.

Most of the horrors of war are left out, but what is implied is unnerving enough. However none of it can compare with the brutality of what we see every night on the evening news.

THE INNOCENTS tells an interesting and original story apparently based on true events, and feature a brave protagonist who faces an impossible situation. If the pacing was a little faster it could have been a perfect movie. As it is, if you enjoy dramatic thrillers with dark atmospheres and interesting characters THE INNOCENTS may be for you.

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