Friday, 17 March 2017



Erwan has a problem. His opinionated and free spirited daughter is pregnant and won't reveal who the father of her child  is. During a visit to his daughter’s GP, Erwan receives stunning news – the man he always thought to be his father is not his father at all. On his quest to discover his real dad (and also the daddy of his daughter’s baby along the way), Erwan gets himself tangled in situations of mistaken identity; meets an impossible lover; and discovers that a blood relationship is not as important as a human connection is.

JUST TO BE SURE is another example of why dramatic comedy by the French is so good  and the real reason why I fell in love with French cinema in the first place. Director Carine Tardieu has made the genre her specialty and this latest movie is a real gem. 

Juggling the handful of eccentric characters she manages to reward each and everyone of them with a unique identity, depth and charm. The leading couple Erwan (Francois Damiens) and Anna (Cecile De France) are as believable and intense as would be (could be) lovers, but the real chemistry is between three men: Erwan and his two dads; the real and the adopted one.

JUST TO BE SURE delivers the messages of love and companionship without being dogmatic, and is fast, funny and spirit lifting.

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