Sunday, 9 October 2016


It’s day nine of my HALLOWEEN CHALLENGE where I have to see a horror movie a day during the month of October and write a short review for each one.

 In DESIERTO the illegal migrants  from Mexico stumble on a different kind of danger, while trying to cross the border to US, when a crazed sniper and his dog hunt them down one by one.

The frames of the horror genre had been expanded recently to involve social issues (Recent success of DON'T BREATHE is a good example of that) and DESIERTO is an effective wake up call to those who believe that drastic measures can solve the American immigration problem. Shot on location in one of the most picturesque places in the world DESIERTO is a relentless chase movie in the vein of Spielberg's famous DUEL.

DESIERTO is short and focused, all the character development is action driven a la MAD MAX: FURY ROAD and the violence is sudden, gratuitous and realistic. The minimal soundtrack supports the natural sounds of the desert, which seems to be ready to devour the characters at any time. In fact, the desert is the real character in the story: unforgiving to all weaknesses, it appreciates only one quality - the will to live.

DESIERTO is an exciting little feature, and for what it is, a near perfect cinematic thrill ride.

Score out of 5:
GORE SCORE: ğŸ—¡ğŸ—¡ğŸ—¡ğŸ—¡

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