Wednesday, 26 October 2016


It’s day twenty-five of my HALLOWEEN CHALLENGE where I have to see a horror movie a day during the month of October and write a short review for each one.

My challenge will not be complete without a review of a TV show. There are number of fantastic horror shows out there, including American Horror Story, but tonight I will talk about the "underdog".

SCREAM is a NETFLIX show (originally produced by MTV) that I love to hate. So far SCREAM TV SHOW has spawned two very uneven seasons, but with the Halloween special movie, it seems to start finally finding its voice.

It is not necessary to know any of the SCREAM TV characters to watch this one, but it is beneficial, as a few storylines from TV show get a resolution and it sets up for the next season. At the core of the story is a bunch of teenagers, who had not once, but twice had survived a serial killer massacre; decide to escape their hometown for Halloween and get stuck on an island, and plunge right into the heart of a new murder mystery. The storm is coming, the last boat is gone, and they are now facing the new killer, whose main objective, once again, is beautiful Emma Duvall, a fragile heroine who had escaped the clutches of death a few times before, and seems to get a hang of it.

The set up is simple, the murders just keep on coming, and the film just feels too good to be a TV special. With yet another killer stalking the same bunch of kids the premise should get tiresome, but if you take it as a modern, darker version of SCOOBI-DOO, it sort of works. The real disappointment here is the killer reveal - too predictable and too cliche. But his (or her) final showdown with Emma is worth all the wait!

SCREAM TV SHOW is not for everyone. You are either onboard or not. But this little movie sets the standard high for the future season.


GORE SCORE: πŸ—‘πŸ—‘πŸ—‘

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