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Tightly stitched into X-men franchise reboot that began in 2011 with the FIRST CLASS, Apocalypse continues the origin story of X-men, introducing the classic characters such as Cyclop, Storm and Jean Grey. The film’s trump card is being still a period piece. But fantasy sequences just don’t belong in it.

Welcome to 1983 where the uncanny being called Apocalypse, the very first mutant, awakens to rule the world. The film opens with an impressive Egyptian set piece, that does not quite fit to the carefully designed world of previous films, and the villain himself, Apocalypse, is  an alien presence here, as if he had stepped into it from another story.

The film was criticized for being overloaded with action, but in my opinion it took things very slowly, explaining the reasons for every character’s choice. The final battle is impressive, but as generic as the finale of Batman Vs Superman.

On the acting front everyone has done a great job, but Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique is no different from her character in Hunger Games – she is still a tough idol for the young and will not hesitate to take on the government or the world.

Michael Fassbinder delivers a well fleshed out Magneto, however I could not believe his character’s choices towards the end of the film.

The movie looks great in 3D, also it was not shot this way and 3D conversion had been used.

X-MEN  Apocalypse is one of this films that has many elements that work great on its own, but just don’t quite fit together. However it is worth the look for one fantastic sequence featuring Quicksilver and the unexpected appearance of one old friend.

The least original and exciting X-MEN film since FIRST CLASS, APOCALYPSE is still an descent addition to the universe and develops further the world I learned to love, however I would need a much better story next time around.

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