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Team Captain America gets into trouble preventing a bigger disaster they cause some civilian causalities. There is a motion to sign a government bill to restrict Avengers from their independence. Tony Stark, The Iron Man, supports the bill. Captain America rebels. It doesn't help the cause that the suspect in recent terrorist attack is Bucky - Captain's old pal. The conflict between Iron Man and Captain America divides Avengers and they go head to head, unaware that there are other shadow forces at play...
CIVIL WAR is a hallmark of screenwriting for the film with multiple main characters. The way Black Panther and Spider-man were introduced  is both entertaining and satisfying. Whatever your preference is, you will not be cheated out of your favourite super hero. Everyone gets significant screen time without loosing the focus of the main plot. CIVIL WAR is perfectly paced, with many battles, car chases and hands on combat, but also is deep and thought provoking. It's a nice feeling when as a viewer you think the things cannot get any better but the film's proves you wrong.
After the massive, inventive, mind blowing airport superhero smash we get a more personal battle. And things get serious when a terrifying detail from Tony Stark's past is revealed.
CIVIL WAR is imaginative when it comes to set pieces. Learning the lessons from the Age Of Ultron, the meaningless action is no longer at play. CIVIL WAR is full of carefully orchestrated battle sequences that are not simply picture perfect, but cleverly conceived and executed in relation to the plot and character development.
The acting is even, and this is what you expect from twelve "A" list actors in one film. The are no surprises in acting department, however for me, personally, Elisabeth Olsen has invested more than anyone into her character of Crimson Witch. I really hope that she will get her own movie one day.
CIVIL WAR is the most exciting movie to date Marvel Comic Universe brought to life, but its success is partial due to the twelve instalments that came before it. 
Proving the investing  into a franchise can pay out, and lifting up the expectations handsomely, CIVIL WAR gives us a blockbuster the way it should be, busy but focused, light but clever, and a new hope for the future excitement in store.

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