Sunday, 1 May 2016


Death of a Fisherman


The Spanish fishing village is shaken by apparent suicide of a local fisherman. The same man many years ago was involved in a shipwreck. With a captain dead three sailors managed to get to the shore alive. The current death may be connected to that tragic stormy night. And a local detective Leo Caldas is on the case.

DEATH OF A FISHERMAN is based on a bestselling novel. It's chapter-like construction is easy to follow. The setting of a sleepy fishermen town is spot on and the characters are colourful and charismatic. Spanish winner of two Goya Awards Carmello Gomez is convincing in the main role of a detective, however the viewer is not allowed to know about his character more than the premise of the murder mystery allows.

The mystery itself is simple, but elegant, with a few red hearings pointing to the wrong direction, but you will be just one step ahead of the narrative. The final reveal is intriguing, even though could be easily predicted if you pay attention during the film.

The movie can hardly compete with modern quality tv shows, but it is full of Spanish flavour and the cinematography is top notch. With all its simplicity DEATH OF A FISHERMAN is a decent murder mystery, both atmospheric and satisfying.

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