Tuesday, 9 February 2016



It's been three years since Max had lost her mother in a car crash. To celebrate her mother's life, Max and a few friends go to see a slasher movie where Max's mom starred as a teenage victim. When the fire brakes out in the theatre our friends escape through the tear in the screen and find themselves trapped inside a horror movie. Will Max be able to rekindle her relationship with a cinematic version of her mom while the killer is on the loose and dead are bodies piling up around them? As friends take a stand against the maniac, they understand that in the slasher movies of the 80's there can be only one final girl.

FINAL GIRLS is not really a horror movie, but is made for horror fans. Focusing on the relationship between the girl and the imprint of her lost mother the film gives us a surprisingly genuine drama. It is also a proof that Taissa Famiga as Max and Malin Akerman as her mother are fine actors. Their scenes together are believable and heartwarming.

The premise of 80's slasher is nicely staged with over the top colour palette and idealic summer camp setting. The murders are brutal but swift, with as little on screen gore as possible. The  grand finale confrontation between the killer and the final girl is a delight. In whole, the movie leaves a warm impression, the way "feel good" dramas do.

A genre blander, FINAL GIRLS successfully combine parody, comedy, thriller and sentimental. Avoiding false notes, it is not a gore feast, but a plunge into nostalgia, final result being a solid and focused film.

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