Saturday, 20 February 2016



INTRUDERS is a home invasion movie with a twist. Anna, a fragile young heroine, has a phobia of open spaces and cannot leave the house. So she is robbed of any chance to escape when the intruders break in, trying to steal her family fortune. But there's something else wrong with Anna, apart from her agoraphobia. She does not simply fight back. She begins a slaughter...

INTRUDERS has nailed the main ingredient of horror - it is the atmosphere. There's also a fabulous sense of mystery, surrounding Anna's past and the answer to the question why she had turned out this way is  not one dimensional.

Beth Riesgraf as Anna takes an interesting approach to her role. She remains the same vulnerable young woman and consistent in this image through the whole movie. When her dark side shows up, she does not transform into a demon, but sort of adapt it to her dorky personality, remaining that same girl we saw in the opening scenes. The end result is sort of... Terrifying. And very believable.

INTRUDERS is a small film with a small budget and it shows in every frame, however the script is focused and effective. During the movie's short run time you will not be distracted. There is a lot to wish for - more action, more scares and even more blood, but with a good story blooming at its heart, THE INTRUDERS is an hour and a half well spent, whether you are horror fan or not. The ending is a curious exploration of the nature of evil and has a surprising shocking value of realisation that you are rooting for a monster.

To sum it up, INTRUDERS does not break any new grounds, however it's very insane but charismatic heroine and the performance of Beth Riesgraf is impressive and lifts this independent horror above average.

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