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A cart pulled by six horses is driving thought the snow ridden frontier lands escaping the storm. It's John Ruth, aka The Hangman bringing the criminal Daisy Domergue to Red Rock town for the final justice. Thus begins the movie, that one may call a cinematic event of the year. It is long, brutal and unapologetic. It is a parody of a western and a love letter to it. It is a gore fest as well as an emotional roller coaster. And it's a "who done it " mystery Tarantino way. To sum it up - expect the unexpected.

I was honoured (and it's a correct word for it) to attend a 70mm presentation at Astor theatre in Melbourne Australia, with an Overture, Interval and a souvenir program. This is a movie experience as special as a theatre event. And come to think of it, Tarantino's films have an impact as personal as a theatre performance.

If you are not Tarantino's fan you will have to prepare yourself for a long ride. The film unravels slowly as a few strangers get together on the road. Let yourself get lost in their chatter, it is easy to do, and then, little by little, you will start a decent into macabre.

As he does in many of his films, Tarantino ignores the time frames Hollywood sets on blockbusters, focusing on mis en scene and performances. Making us familiar with the characters for the most of the first two hours, he then pushes "all goes to hell" button and you will be sitting in awe, with your jaw dropped, thinking "if I only knew".

HATEFUL 8 can be summed up with one word - fun. It could be almost a "feel good movie" if it had not shed so much blood in the process. You can write a separate article on Ennio Morricone Soundtrack, which may not be a great stand alone listening, but a perfect match for this bastard child of a western.

Performances are all top notch. Tarantino made a conscious decision to choose a very "even" cast, where no star is brighter or more important than the other. However  Jennifer Jason Lee upstages them all. Her very dark but somehow very easy to relate to Daisy is the real show stealer. She is a monster one cannot sympathise with, but you do wish her to be spared.

The violence comes sudden and swift, and has "what's just happen?" effect on the audience who gasped and cheered each time the blood was shed. Full of surprises and bearing Tarantino's signature mark of irony and ability to turn true what's beyond belief, HATEFUL 8 is a unique movie experience that only gets better with multiple viewing and will entertain for years to come.

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