Sunday, 9 March 2014


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Gaspard lives an active live. He is a television producer, and an anchor man. He’s got a beautiful woman in bed and energy to do great things. The only problem is… he is sixty-three. The idea of being old catches up with Gaspard when his elderly father Hubert moves in with him. Hubert is not an easy man to deal with, but a salvation comes in the face of a mysterious woman Zana who starts working as Hubert’s carer. It does not take long before both men are besotted by her. She transforms their life, but just like Pamela Travis once said “All good things will end one day…”

FAMILY MATTERS (the real translation will be THE FLOWER OF AGE) is a Mary Poppins story for men over sixty, a fairy tale with as much magic as real life can afford. It is definitely not a typical film that targets the audience of certain age: it has an upbeat soundtrack, quirky humour and some sweet (but not sugary) warm moments.

The veteran actors duo Pierre Arditi as son Gaspard and Jean-Pierre Marielle as rascal-father Hubert have more chemistry between them then your usual romantic love story. Julie Ferrier is glowing as modern day Mary Poppins, who is capable of bewitching with one mysterious glance.

FAMILY MATTERS flows quickly, tells a great story and makes you feel genuinely good. It is a French comedy at it’s best.

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