Thursday, 13 March 2014


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When a wheelchair bound teenager suggests to his father to run IRONMAN triathlon competition together it seems like a crazy idea. But from one’s determination  bigger things grow, so does the bond between the distant father and a son who seeks his approval. The result (a happy ending) is given away by the film’s name. But wait… are there any surprises in store?

You may think whatever you want about the manipulative, done to bits premise of this film, but you have seen nothing yet.  THE FINISHERS has its heart in the right place and that’s all that matters. With impeccable performances and fabulous aerial shots of the race it is a blood pumping rollercoaster. You had never been so worried about outcome that you already know!

THE FINISHERS is not a thought-provoking movie. But for a change it is a film that makes you feel better about yourself and the world. You may know that the father and son would manage to finish the race in time and will reunite with the loved ones, but nothing can prepare you to what they have to overcome to win.

When end credits will roll there’ll be no dry eye in the house. That includes you.

Manipulative? Hell yeah. But a five star film all the same.

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