Sunday, 9 March 2014


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Paul’s life is strange. In his mid thirties he lives with his two dance teaching aunts who are obsessed with his excelling in piano technics. Paul has the obsession of his own - the mysterious death of his parents. He witnessed it as a two year old baby, and his supressed memories turned him into a mute. Searching for answers, he asks for help from an eccentric neighbour and together they uncover the mystery from his past.

ATTILA MARCEL is the first action feature of Sylvain Chomet (Oscar nominated The Triplets From Bellville, The Illusionist). Animation allows the mixture of genres - no one is surprised when characters break into a song even though it wasn’t a musical. So does ATTILA MARCEL. It has a style of Jean-Pierre Jeunet (The City Of Lost Children), adding some Dickensian characters to mix.

Guillaume Gouix, an already a veteran of 30 films being only thirty himself, is doing well in this demanding silent role, portraying a very weird, but likable man. But it is his wicked aunts who are the show stealers, with their eccentric singing, rude dance teaching and matching costumes. Anne Le Ny, who we may remember from “THE INTOUCHIBLES”, is a realist mother-figure and an urban witch who’s power is slowly declining, as her ability to live.

ATTILA MARCEL is an odd animal with lots of absurd scenes and singing at unexpected places, and it will not be to everyone’s taste. But it is a genuinely feel good movie. And if you look for original cinema, you have found a real gem.

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