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The name of this French thriller based on the true events refers to the 11.6 million euro stolen from the French bank by Tony Musulin, a security truck driver. In France it has been labelled a heist of the century, because it was done without violence or use of firearms.

The French movie that stars a very popular at the moment (and a very good actor) Fracois Cluzet opens with an interesting promise, but never fully delivers on it. The choice of Cluzet is without a question triggered by his enormous popularity in France, for his age is wrong (real Toni was 38 when the Heist had occurred) and he only slightly resembles the real Toni Musulin, but his portrayal is a mix of toughness and vulnerability and an outstanding performance that deserves attention.



Some real life stories look exciting on screen. 11.6 is not such a case.
Not for the international viewer anyway. One has to live in France during the moment of the heist to understand why this movie was made in the first place. It was probably the biggest story in France of 2009 and in it were particular details of the case that the public was craving. Especially the answer to one simple question:  where is the money?

Director Phillippe Godeau, who's last feature was a musical comedy ROMANTICS ANONYMOUS,  handles material well and definitely capable of creating suspense, but its the script that is a major putdown. It is too slow for such an exciting topic, presenting us with Toni's preparations, but not fully explaining what he was doing exactly or why. You are such a bore Toni, I wanted to say. Come on, get on with it! The character's motives are never very clear and even in the end we do not know why Tony Musulin went to such an extent on a seemingly goalless mission. A thinking person's movie? Probably not. But it's atmospheric enough and highlights well the moods of suburban France of the last decade.

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