Saturday, 9 November 2013


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This is my very first entry and I am happy to review a rather decent horror film.

Being disappointed with Australian films during the International Movie festival its always nice to be reminded how well our fellow Australians do abroad. With James Wan directing, Lee Whannell writing and Rose Byrne as a main star INSIDIOUS CHAPTER 2 is a tight quality scare flick that will make you shrink in your seat.

The story continues where it was left off with Lambert's family dealing with the death of a medium Elise and gruesome reality of her death being a direct result of Josh bringing with him "something" from the land of dead and into the real world. More ghost appearances will occur and as Renai (Rose Byrne) is battling this new danger (what will you do if you can't even trust your husband) her mother in law Lorraine seeks a man who once helped Josh when he was a little boy. Together they unravel the mysterious identity of the ghostly Black Bride.

When watching INSIDIOUS CHAPTER 2 it is impossible not to think of the great SHINING, especially the ending, but at least the inspiration came from the right place. The beginning of the film is its visit card, with tension building carefully but steadily and makes us use our imagination, which is always scarier than a real thing. The script is a little messy, but characters are given sympathy that make you worry about them. During the film I could not stop thinking that it would be a great family film if it wasn't so damn scary. There's very little blood and almost no gore. Its all in the atmosphere. Somehow even the cheesiest scares are believable and you will love to hate the new baddie.

The ending is a set up for possible continuation but whether we will see CHAPTER 3 remains to be seen. I will be holding my breath. Will you? Let me know what you think!

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