Wednesday, 20 November 2013


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A series of murders that occur in Saul resemble famous web horror comics. It is quickly discovered that every victim harboured a dangerous secret from the past. A young artist is under suspicion. Two goofy cops are on the task, but they are over their heads in a case where supernatural is not out of the question. As details of each death become clearer it is obvious that they can trust no one. Even themselves. Because in the end everyone has something to hide.

KILLER TOON is a clever Korean horror, that doesn't tweak the cannons of genre too much, at the same time proposing a fresh look and some interesting ideas, that will definitely be stolen by Hollywood. With some scenes shot as web-comic it is surprising to discover that drawn violence on screen can be as disturbing as live action horror. Like most Korean films the scary and sentimental here goes hand in hand. The most important achievement of the film is how it makes us feel sorry for the villains. The writers are not afraid to fill their story with multiple twists. Some of them you will see coming, the other's... well, you may just not!

The pace of the movie is solid and the scares count more on the atmosphere then on gore. I was a little annoyed by multiple "dream within a dream" scenes, you know when the character thinks he is awake but is actually still sleeping and another jump scare is delivered. Also some moves of the characters defy logic, but it all can be forgiven for the final outcome. 

It's hard to make anything original in the world of horror these days, and its always nice to see some fresh ideas emerging on screen. Killer Toon from South Korea doesn't just tell an interesting story, it can be genuinely unsettling at times, and thats all I can expect to be satisfied by a horror film.

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