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Guido takes it very hard when his wife leaves him for another man, but things quickly turn around when a young and extremely beautiful Silvia is moving in next door. Guido falls head over heels, but is Silvia just too good to be real? Meanwhile, unbeknown to him, another woman is seeking Guido's affection. Things get complicated when Guido’s friend finds out about Silvia something that can threaten the relationship. And to top it all, Guido’s parents arrive to Napoli to see his son’s bride. A comedy of errors insures.

WHAT A BEAUTIFUL SURPRISE is a twist of the classical tale DONNA FLOR AND HER TWO HUSBANDS, and deals with the dramas of middle aged loves and broken ideals we all have to face. The lead Claudio Bisio as Guido is as charismatic as he is entertaining. He has the perfect timing with his jokes and gradually turns what could be seen as grotesque and ridiculous into something endearing.

But the real gems of the film are Guido’s parents. They own all the best moments in the film, and get the most laughs from the audience.

Another great addition to the story is NAPOLI, the city itself, as the story plays out on the little streets and inside the charming old buildings, giving the film that special settings that make it right.

WHAT A BEAUTIFUL SURPRISE is actually clever and funny, which is a rare combination for a romantic comedy. Without trying to pretend to be anything  deeper than it is,  it gives us two hours of escapism and good old fashioned humour.

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