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In a kingdom far far away a mad queen is ready to sacrifice everything to get pregnant. A lustful prince is loosing his mind hearing the song of a woman and falls madly in love with her. And a young princess becomes a victim of her father's obsession with a gigantic flea.

It is not easy to describe the plot of TALE OF TALES. Based on the fairy tales by Neapolitan poet Giambattista Basile, who earlier than Brothers Grimm introduced the wider reader to such stories as Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty, the movie switches effortlessly from one narrative to the other, plunging us into the world of violence and sacrifice in the name of love.

 The three stories that the director Matteo Garrone had chosen for his film is not for the faint hearted. Boasting some grand visuals, creepy practical effects and impressive international cast, this film is as original as a modern fantasy could be. The plots has a dream-like logic and does not shy away from a straightforward horror. The final mix guarantees that the outcome will not go the way you expect. Which in case of TALE OF TALES is both, refreshing and frustrating at the same time. While there's no evident connection between the plot storylines, the main theme of selfishness for the sake of love prevails.

The full orchestral soundtrack by Alexandre Desplat is one of his finest works - the music is rich and impressive, just like the visual side of the movie. The film, maybe, a little overstretched and lacks the action and pacing, but it is curiosity that will make you finish it. Just like every great fairy tale, you would want to know how it ends.

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