Monday, 3 November 2014



The graduation day is approaching in the little town of Silverton, so is the giant twister which is destroying everything in its wake. INTO THE STORM is a harrowing account of one day when simple people find themselves in terrible peril and fight for their lives the best they can.

There's something mesmerising about watching a twister gradually destroying a town, swallowing airports and hunting down its victims one by one as it was a serial killer. Into the storm has more in common with Friday the 13th than with its classic predecessor Twister - a flawed but a great adventure film. The storm here is an evil entity that is hunting down its prey and it would be more fun to give it an evil mind instead of an innuendo of approaching global warming.
INTO THE STORM is a very weak production. Stumbling over its own identity, the film cannot decide whether it wants to be a found footage flick or a B grade sci-fi the likes of Sharknado. 

On a positive note - the destruction scenes are fabulously staged and never before we found ourselves literally getting inside a twister. The grand and menacing score by Bryan Taylor never really lets us forget that we are watching multi million dollar production and not a quirky documentary the film pretends to be.

The acting is atrocious, so is the character development. By numbers script never surprises and the final showdown with a monster twister is an anticlimax. 

But with all its flaws INTO THE STORM has more sense of adventure than many recent disaster movie productions and it is a reason to check it out. This, and the giant fire twister, probably the only truly original moment of the film.

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