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Victor is an ex soldier. Freshly returned from serving at French Legion he is low on money and down with luck. When his pal Simon proposes him a job as a wrestler Victor reluctantly agrees. It is not because he is not good at wrestling, its because on the ring he has to play the role of a villain and being a big softie at heart Victor finds it damaging for his mind and soul. Working in tandem Victor and Simon are successful, but one night they make a decision to switch the masks. This is a fatal mistake that changes everything.
OUR HEROES DIED TONIGHT is a first full feature film debut by David Perrault and a love letter to the French noir of the 60s. Crossing the eccentricity of David Lynch with Tarantino’s bravado he manages to keep the balance of both all the way through the film, just like the balance of black and white of the movie’s colours.
It is also the fading borders between good and evil, darkness and light , that are at the centre of this little gem, which has dreamlike quality to it, but on the surface is easy to understand.
The film is also about friendship, Simon and Victor are like two sides of the same coin, but just like any coin, when you flip it, it is not easy to predict which side turns up. As the movie progresses it becomes obvious that their personalities, just like the masks they are wearing, are interchangeable.
In its short run of ninety seven minutes David Perrault manages to say a lot. He touches upon the natures of love, camaraderie and a true calling in man’s life. The dialogue is swift and to the point, but with a few lengthy monologues Tarantino style. The story is unpredictable, with a few twists and a unique atmosphere that builds up its creepiness for the adrenalin fuelled finale.
OUR HEROES is one of these films that would not benefit from a bigger budget, nor from world star actors. It puts its aim high and reaches it effortlessly leaving both critics and audience satisfied. I would watch it again and again and introduce to as many people as possible. A true little masterpiece of a movie.

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