Tuesday, 29 May 2018



A father and a son are trying to reconnect during the trip to a remote shack when unexpected guests arrive in the face of drug traffickers. They had hidden the drugs in the shack thinking it was abandoned and now asking for what is theirs. There’s only problem with that - they will not leave witnesses. Father and son have no choice but to fight back. 

Jason Momoa has his time in the spotlight with his big blockbuster AQUAMAN coming to us this year. This much smaller, almost Arthouse, effort take us back right into early nineties. This is a B action thriller with charismatic protagonists, creepy villains, and where not much makes much sense (and it’s for the better). 

Don’t try to analyse it - you get handful of invaders who are going to be dispatched in various fashions, they are so hopeless that sometimes one wonders who is the real victim here. The stakes are never too high and every protagonist seems to have some superhero skill (mostly it involves bows and arrows). Jason Momoa owns the screen and the action sequences are nicely staged (for this sort of a budget of course). But the real reason you may watch this little movie is for the snowy landscapes. They are the real stars of the film.

BRAVEN is your twenty first century B action movie at its best - it evokes nostalgia of the 90’s and the memory of visiting your round the corner VHS rental store. A little slow in the beginning it is pure entertainment once the action kicks in. Featuring some very inventive kills, it manages to be practically bloodless. If there’s an “all out violent, kill the bad guys” family movie out there, it is BRAVEN.

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