Monday, 26 March 2018



Antoine is a psychiatrist who wrote a book about “How to be a happy EX”. As the film opens with his radio interview, we are briefly introduced to the movie’s many protagonists, including a love stricken priest, an Uber driver who is stuck with his exe’s English bulldog, a divorce lawyer who struggles with his own family problems and an angry policewoman who is stalking her ex girlfriend in an hilarious way. When the lives of all the characters intervene a full picture emerges, that gives a curious outlook on our relationship with our exes and what it really means to move on.

Following the patchwork-like structure of LOVE ACTUALLY, the movie is endearing enough to enjoy, but the characters lack in charisma department and the stories lack depth. The worst sin THE EXES commit is being so unbelievable. None of the plot lines are realistic and the conflicts are manufactured to suit the narrative.

This is a very short review as there’s not much to say about this light hearted comedy about couples who depart from each other and then awkwardly stumble back into each others embraces. THE EXES, however, delivers value for money. It is a breezy fun that does not invest much into its own material, but doesn’t ask anything in return. This film is as insignificant as the storylines and the characters it represents.

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