Tuesday, 27 February 2018



Two  young brothers and their parents move into a new home. Both students in their twenties, the brothers share a strong bond. One rainy night the older brother is kidnapped by some strangers. When he is back 19 days later he has no memory of what has occurred. 

The younger brother suspects that something strange is happening in the house. Why is one of the rooms always locked? And why did his older brother suddenly lose his limp - an injury he received in a car crash a few years ago?

Little by little he discovers that all is connected to a murder where the culprit had never been found...

FORGOTTEN is an elegant murder mystery that starts off slowly, but gathers pace bit by bit - which is typical for Korean movies. The clever mystery has many revelations, peeling layer after layer, slowly getting to the core, and this is how I like my mysteries to unravel.

The small crew of actors excels at changing their characters from caring to menacing when the script requires. Add a few jump scares and a couple of chasing scenes through the rainy derelict suburbs and you get a suspenseful flick that is both memorable and effective.

But this is not all FORGOTTEN has to offer. Spiralling into a heartbreaking, devastating drama towards the end, this is the thriller that makes you really feel for the characters.

Available now on NETFLIX this is perfect example how an atmospheric tale can be done on a small budget. There is no English dubbing but I am hoping that subtitles will not stop you from discovering this little gem.

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