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Jean (Gerard Depardieu) and Bruno (Benoit Poelvoorde) are father and son farmers who don't quite see eye to eye. Bruno's life revolves around drinking and picking up girls (while drunk) with a very low success rate. Jean only thinks about the family business and is worried about the future of his son. Will a road trip to the vineyards fix the shattered relationship between father and son? A series of hilarious situations they find themselves in ensures the trip is never boring.

This road trip buddy comedy is in a genre of its own. Putting the leading French comedians into a limousine and sending them around provincial France is a great idea, but it misfires spectacularly. The film struggles to find its focus and is really a collection of comedic episodes that don't always gel. The audience in the theatre was laughing but there were a few moments so embarrassing that I felt like turning away from the screen. Benoit Poelvoorde carries this film alone, his comedic talent is without question. He is a versatile actor who can do serious dramatic roles as well as comedy. For SAINT AMOUR he needed a better script.

The movie is quite watchable, but the awkward and the disturbing ending completely ruined it for me. Some films are hard to finish, but the writers of SAINT AMOUR went to such extremes to give it an unusual conclusion that it left me speechless as the credits started to roll. 

SAINT AMOUR had all the elements of success - a great cast, an interesting premise and a spectacular setting. Instead it is a very uneven film with a few funny jokes and a strange finale that ultimately becomes its undoing. 

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