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Jyn Erso grew up doubting everyone, including her father, a scientist working for The Empire.  Just as he has completed his deadliest weapon yet Jyn is rescued from The Empire's clutches by the Rebels, in order to help to bring her father down. Reluctantly she agrees. What begins as a simple mission of introducing the Rebels to a family supporter and friend, turns into a fight for survival. Faced with the magnitude of the danger Jyn and her new found friends embark on a suicide mission to steal the plans of Death Star.

Serving as a link between the prequel trilogy and the original, ROGUE ONE ends where NEW HOPE begins. And all in between is an unexpectedly original take on the Star Wars universe that generates more suspense than your average sci-fi film. The outcome of the story may be known to all, but what is the fate of the new characters, that are so easy to love? ROGUE builds up to be a traditional STAR WARS movie, both in spirit and action. Until it breaks the rules...

ROGUE ONE is a rather dark take on the STAR WARS universe, where the shades of grey between good and evil are more profound than in any other instalment. Your expectations will be fulfilled, however. Quirky characters - check! Grumpy android - check! The carefully thought through universe with a multitude of different alien nations - check! Right dosage of humour - check! Not talking about action, which is amazing (just buy the artbook) and can be a subject for a separate review.


and there's a big "BUT" coming. To say any more would be a spoiler.

ROGUE ONE is not a perfect film. There are problems with pacing and the story is too linear, but it can be applauded for bringing dilemmas into a well established franchise and doing something different in the end.

To sum it up, ROGUE ONE is a sort of a cold shower for those of us who grew up with a franchise. I needed a stiff drink when I got home. Will you?


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