Thursday, 22 September 2016



In the modern world mobile phones are the keepers of our most private thoughts. What would happen if the contents of our mind were exposed for the world to see?

During a dinner party seven friends decide to play a game: for the duration of one evening they would give up their mobile phones. Every message and every phone call is no longer private. They could read each other’s texts and listen to each other’s conversation. Do they have anything to hide? And if they do, how bad would the damage be?

We are all used to light hearted Italian farce, but PERFECT STRANGERS delves into dangerous territory when the humorous brushes with the sad and even the tragic. Set during an eclipse of the moon, this is a night of revelations, that points out exactly what each character is capable of. The snappy, quick-witted dialogue carries the movie forward. It is a well-acted, addictive film, that delivers plenty of surprises along the way.

PERFECT STRANGERS would make a terrific stage production. The nuanced performances, the structure and the dialogue have great re-viewing value, a necessary quality that separates great from good. This is a film to recommend and to discuss. It is not a surprise that PERFECT STRANGERS was chosen to open ITALIAN FILM FESTIVAL 2016 in Melbourne.

Without giving any definitive answers PERFECT STRANGERS reflects on the true meaning of friendship, relationships and secrets. It is a near perfect film, as thought provoking as it is entertaining.

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